How to Build a Compelling Brand with a Multi-Passionate Syndrome

I know what it feels like and it kept me stuck for a long time.

Personally, I have many interests like:

– Relationships (My major niche)

– Personal branding

– Social media

– Cooking

– Writing

– Dancing

– Songwriting

– Event planning

– Life coaching

Okay, let me stop there. There are so much more.


Most of the time, people say that it is best to be specific about what you do and build your brand there.

This is great if you want to be trusted, credible and profitable yet for the multi-passionate, it can feel an overwhelming and frustrating phase to do one and leave the rest.

I have discovered another way to tackle this issue.


Have you heard about SISI YEMMIE?

Please what does she major in?

Lifestyle but not a specific niche. She is into make up, fashion, food, travels etc.

What about JOKOTADE?

She does a lot of things and even created an app for it. She does life coaching, relationship coaching and business coaching in a stylish way.

Remi Owadokun speaks on health, fitness, writing bestselling books, business coaching etc.

Edirin Edewor shares on mindset, books, etc.

Even John Obidi teaches wisdom on life, social media, branding etc.

The truth is that rather than getting stuck with one thing, Just start one and infuse the rest in it.


When you limit yourself to one topic for years, it can be difficult to start another movement because of fear of what people will say.

Do you need more examples?

Emeka Nobis writes on social media, personal branding, religion, marriage etc,

Steve Harris shares on business, branding, relationships etc.

Mario Forleo also shares on different topic.

What makes the difference?

They built a powerful brand around their personality and name.

If you are just starting out, you may need to learn the art of consistency with one topic before spreading it but if you have mastered the art of storytelling and social media, feel free to build a personal brand with your passions.

It is okay to focus on one niche or topic but if you have plans to diverse into many other passions, build a compelling, powerful and phenomenal brand shamelessly.

I’m open to a different opinion.

What has worked for you? What do you think?

Nike Adedokun Folagbade is a relationship and results coach. She helps women overcome heartbreaks, become attractive and get repositioned for a healthy relationship. She does this via consultancy, strategies, practical guide and training live and online. Follow her on Facebook at Nike Adedokun Folagbade and on Instagram on @nikefolagbade. You can also join her Facebook community here

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