The Act of Taking Risks – Linda Okorie

We have all had that one time where we stood at crossroads in our lives wondering which path to take. We all also have wondered what our lives would have been like if we took another road. We hear of the feats of great men and women and the heart-rending decisions they had to make

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Her Digital Africa

Her Digital Africa is a community development project designed to encourage and support young African women to actively invest in the developing and empowering members of their communities to become digitally savvy. We made a call for volunteer trainers interest in adding value to their communities using digital skills. Next, we empowered and built the

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We can all make a difference in the world, by showing al ot of kindness and love to those who do not have the capacity to repay us. In 2017, We carried out #ProjectGrateful, a community development service project, focused on visiting and sensitizing female inmates of the Nigerian Prison Service, Umuahia and also donated

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