5 Steps to Overcome Overwhelm in your Life

5 STEPS TO OVERCOME OVERWHELM IN YOUR LIFE Image Source: Unsplash Remember when you were younger and life was easy going and simple, you didn’t have to worry about your life, money, job, business, relationships because someone else, probably a parent or guardian was doing all the worrying?? Yeah, the good ol’ days!! via GIPHY

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HBN Learn & Brunch 2.0

Need help starting up your own business? Looking to grow your business and get more visibility for your business? vWant to be your own Oga Madam?   Attend the Hello Bestie Network’s Learn and Brunch 2.0 to Learn, brunch and network with like-minded and forward thinking entrepreneurial and professional women in a positive and innovative

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Are you bold for change? On the 11th of March, 2017, over 120 professional and entrepreneurial women converged at one of the coolest spots in Umuahia, Abia state  to celebrate 2017 International Women’s Day and to find out how they can take bold steps to create the future they believe in! Women came in from across

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